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Introducing Emilia

Emilia runs a gym on the third floor of the Cardinal. She’s the best personal trainer on this side of the Atlantic and her abs and killer biceps are testimony to her workouts. She’s a sexy butch, with a black Mohawk and pure black eyes. This unnerves a few people but she’s lovely, I assure you.

She’s telepathic, like the rest of the Cardinal managers, but her main skill might appear to be the opposite of what you’d expect from Wrath—she doesn’t make people angry (even though she can); she absorbs their anger. Next time you go to the gym, and you realise how much calmer you feel after a hard workout, thank Emilia for removing that stress and rage for you! It’ll be running through her veins like heroin flows through an addict, increasing her heart rate and widening her grin.

And just for fun… The cutest little apocalyptic pony you’ll ever see!

Ira in My Little Pony format by @Skittles8992 on Twitter!

Published by tjdallas

Hi, I'm TJ, and I'm a lesfic erotica author from the UK. I have a published trilogy (Pride), and an upcoming audiobook (of book 1 in the Pride trilogy), an anthology of bonus scenes, and a new novel, book 1 in the Wrath trilogy!

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