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4. Pride’s Lap Dance (a Harry/Lara bonus scene)

— NSFW (Not Safe For Work), 18+, mature content —

Sambuca, flames, and soaking wet abs! Intrigued?

In the epilogue of the second book in my trilogy, Pride and the Stranger (yes, this cheeky bonus scene comes from book 2) Harry offers Lara a firefighter-themed lap dance. Read on for that lap dance!

I pulled the heavy yellow Kevlar trousers over my hips, adjusting the red straps over my shoulders. I grinned, twisting to admire my outfit in the mirror. My muscular abdomen rippled above the waistband, a black sports bra the only other item I wore save for my black boots. I flexed my biceps, the bulging muscle bringing a smile to my lips.

As I turned, the reflective strips on the side of the material caught the light. While Lara had requested I wear the trousers (well, Zoe had requested I wear them for Lara, because Lara had lost the ability to speak), I found the corner of my mouth lifting in a smirk as I checked myself out. I was the hottest woman I knew and there wasn’t anything about my physique that didn’t cause adrenaline to fire right through me. I was Pride, and checking myself out was what I lived for.

And firefighters weren’t only at the top of Lara’s list of role-playing fantasies.

I pulled my gaze away from my body, tousling my hair as I made my way back to the club. I tightened the thick black strap of my watch as I slipped behind the bar, whispering a few quiet instructions to a new bartender who nodded in response.

I scanned the crowd as I waited for her to gather two jugs of icy water. She placed them at the other end of the bar before stepping out, speaking briefly to another bartender before disappearing towards the DJ booth.

She was back within a few minutes, and I was pleased to hear her voice wavering when she returned, unable to hide the flush from her cheeks. She’d joined my team a month ago, and while she hadn’t realised and accepted the fact she was bisexual yet, I regularly caught her checking me out. Like Lara did when she first arrived, I thought, smiling at the memory.

It seemed my tanned and exposed six-pack was enough to make the bartender lose her train of thought as she coughed and said, “Um, he’s um, it’ll be—”

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Hi, I'm TJ, and I'm a Scottish sapphic erotica and romance author.

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