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Introducing Althea

Well, hello again!

It is with the greatest pleasure that I introduce you to the third of my seven sinful women … Lust!

You’ve met two of my Seven Deadly Sins already; Pride and Wrath. Pride (Harry) was our seductive bartender, and the leading lady for my trilogy, while Wrath (Emilia) runs the gym.

Now, Althea (Lust) is our heart-stopping, femme-fatale bisexual beauty. Long blonde hair, luxuriant emerald green eyes, and a sultry gaze that would send the strongest of strong men (and women) to their knees. Althea runs a sex club on the sixth floor of the Cardinal; it’s not a brothel, and she’ll get ever so annoyed with you if you call it that! She calls it her “Clava Sexus,” which is Latin for “sex club,” but sounds so much nicer, don’t you think? There isn’t much too taboo that our Althea won’t indulge in, but as you can see from the illustration, she has a particular fondness for lingerie.

As before, all our illustrations are brought to you by the wonderful Charlie Utting > check out his Instagram here!

Like its predecessors, the initial sketch came first …

Sketch of a sultry looking woman wearing lingerie and sitting on a bed. She has blonde hair and is twirling a lock in her fingers.

And I have just received the final illustration which is just … Wow. Be still, my beating heart!

Full colour illustration of a sultry looking woman wearing lingerie and sitting on a bed. She has blonde hair and is twirling a lock in her fingers. There are faint silhouettes of other patrons through the frosted glass behind her.

Did you notice the lip symbol, which denotes her POV in the books? Or the very sexy lingerie? Surely you didn’t miss the lingerie, haha! (That was a test, and you already failed.)

As with my other sinful women, if Althea’s caught your eye, I have merchandise with this artwork on available here; notebooks, posters, greeting cards, iPhone covers … Take a look!

If anyone would like to check out Lust “in action” (hint, hint!) I have a few short, free bonus scenes available here that you could check out! The main ones featuring Althea are A Medical with Lust, A Gift From Wrath, and As Requested, but Althea also features in A Soldier’s Greed.

Published by tjdallas

Hi, I'm TJ, and I'm a lesfic erotica author from the UK. I have a published trilogy (Pride), and an upcoming audiobook (of book 1 in the Pride trilogy), an anthology of bonus scenes, and a new novel, book 1 in the Wrath trilogy!

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