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7. Imagine Me and You (a Harry/you bonus scene)

— NSFW (Not Safe For Work), 18+, mature content, sexually explicit —

Just you, me, and some imagination, pet. Intrigued?

This bonus scene is very different from the others; it’s a one-off, but I’d love to know your thoughts. I was inspired by a short story I read recently, and my dear Harry wouldn’t get out of my mind until I’d written this. I’m sure you’ll realise the differences from my usual style as you start to read, but I fancied something a little bit different. Plus, I have to keep you on your toes 😉 I certainly enjoyed writing it, and I hope you enjoy reading it too! 

I grin as you walk in, your eyes darting around my flat. You look shocked at the view of Edinburgh out of the floor-to-ceiling windows of my living room, and I remember that you have never been here before. I watch you in silence and amusement as you walk closer, taking in the sights of Scotland’s capital at your feet. We are on the seventh floor of my building, the Cardinal; the home of original sin.

“Like what you see, pet?” I ask with a smirk.

You turn, a flush arising on your neck. An almost imperceptible nod.

I like this shy side of you. You’ve slept with women before; I know you have. But you’ve never slept with a woman like me, and the way you’re nervously clasping your hands in front of you makes me smile. I feel like a predator, but you know what to expect. You’re young enough to learn, but old enough to know what you want. And the way you’re biting your bottom lip, your eyes roaming my body … I know what it is you want.

I stand taller, pulling my shoulders back. I raise my hands to the buttons on my shirt and slowly unfasten each one. You never take your eyes from me.

My flat is sound-proofed, and the thud of the music from my nightclub downstairs is non-existent. It’s like we’re the only two people in the world. I can hear your heart racing from two feet away.

You swallow hard as I reach the last button and pull both halves apart. My rippled abdomen makes your knees buckle, and you try to hide it. You shuffle your feet, your eyes widening.

I walk towards you, and you do everything in your power not to step back. I intimidate you. Not only am I your boss, but I’m an Immortal; a being unlike anyone you’ve ever met. A force to be reckoned with; the most magnificent of the Seven Deadly Sins.

And you’re about to feel the full force of my power.

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Hi, I'm TJ, and I'm a Scottish sapphic erotica and romance author.

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