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12. Worth the Whisk (a Georgia bonus scene)

— NSFW (Not Safe For Work), 18+, mature content, sexually explicit —

Food porn, a new toy, and some alone time. Intrigued?

In chapter 20 of my debut lesfic erotica novel, The Bartender’s Pride, you are introduced to the wonderful Gluttony and her desire for food play. When Georgia has some alone time with a new toy, there’s only one thing she wants to watch …

I propped myself up on the pillows at my headboard and threw the last chunk of chocolate into my mouth. The delicious melt on my tongue caused endorphins to shoot right through me. I swallowed in satisfaction as I pressed play on the TV remote and placed it aside.

I put up the walls in my mind; this moment was for me, and I didn’t want to be interrupted by any of the other manager’s thoughts, as complimentary as they may have been. I hadn’t watched porn in a long time and I wanted to treat myself.

I smiled and pulled a thin blanket over me. My silk night shirt was cool and smooth against my skin, and I wriggled a little, enjoying the soft caress. I kept my eyes on the screen.

The film I’d chosen was one of my favourites.

I’d watched it many times so I knew what to expect, but I still wasn’t prepared for the gorgeous redhead who appeared on screen. Her name was Charlotte Russe, which always gave me a giggle because the name meant a cake made of lady fingers. It was a classic recipe, featuring sponge cake, Bavarian cream and fruit. It was a simple dessert with no baking required, and my mouth watered as I thought about it.

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Hi, I'm TJ, and I'm a Scottish sapphic erotica and romance author.

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