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Introducing Madison


You should know how this goes by now 😉 If not, head over here to meet the first of my seven sinful women, Pride!

Up next, we have the sixth of my Seven Deadly Sins … Envy!

Madison runs the VIP Lounge on the fifth floor of the Cardinal, and she even won silver in the Best Bar Manager’s 2019 Award! (If you’ve forgotten, perhaps it’s time to re-read The Bartender’s Pride, lol.)

Envy is a bit of an ice-queen; she mingles with the celebrities and those famous enough to warrant a spot on her guest list. She has a bit of a sharp sting (hence her symbol, the scorpion!) so you don’t want to get on the wrong side of her. Poor Lara accidentally ended up in Maddy’s bad books in book 1 and we all know how that ended. (She redeems herself, but you have to read book 3 (Pride’s Humility) for that spoiler.)

Here is the initial sketch provided by the wonderful (you guessed it!) … Charlie Utting! Check out his Instagram here.

And here is the final initial sketch! Just … wow! I’ve said “Wow!” for every single illustration that Charlie has done for me so far, and this is no exception. He just keep knocking them right out of the park! Isn’t she stunning? Can you see her scorpion?? I did wonder how Charlie was going to so smoothly incorporate a scorpion symbol into this image and he’s astounded me with this one!

Last but by no means least, we will have the wonderful Sloth (Riley!) It’s scary that I’m talking about my final illustration for my sinful women! But did I mention that I’ll have four new characters in my upcoming Wrath trilogy… 😉

Published by tjdallas

Hi, I'm TJ, and I'm a lesfic erotica author from the UK. I have a published trilogy (Pride), and an upcoming audiobook (of book 1 in the Pride trilogy), an anthology of bonus scenes, and a new novel, book 1 in the Wrath trilogy!

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