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Welcome to the Cardinal, Ch. 6

“Still here, toots?” Althea beams. “And you’ve met Emilia, lovely.” She walks past and into the chamber, picking up the laundry basket. “Fancy hanging around longer and I can show you around properly?

“Sure, I’d love to see more of the club,” you say. “This is why I’m here, after all. I have no doubts there’s a lot more to see.”

Emilia grins. “Well, it was a pleasure to meet you. Hopefully, I’ll catch you in the gym sometime.”

“I’ll think about it,” you tease, giving Emilia a coy smile before she walks towards the lockers. You wonder if that’s where she’s stored the rest of her clothes, and you feel a little wistful at the thought of her magnificent body being covered up. You’ve never been excited to visit a gym before in your life, but seeing Emilia sweating again would be worth it.

“Hold this for me, toots,” Althea says, handing you the laundry basket. She clicks on the brighter overhead light and pulls open the bottom drawer at the end of the bed, selecting fresh sheets and a new duvet cover. She makes the bed, flattens it out, and then stands back with her hands on her hips. “Not as good as Riley, but it’ll do.”

She empties the bin at the side of the room with the discarded hygienic wipes and your ripped clothing, puts a new bin bag inside, and then turns the OCCUPIED sign over to say AVAILABLE. Clicking the second button on the wall, the amber light shuts off. Althea and you have barely stepped aside before two men crash into you.

“Sorry.” One of them giggles, blindly reaching for the handle on the chamber while still kissing his eager boyfriend. They disappear inside and Althea rolls her eyes before spinning the sign back over to say OCCUPIED.

“Those two always forget the sign,” she says, taking the basket from you and strolling towards her office. You chuckle and jog to catch up.

“Do you know everyone?” you ask, stepping around an enthusiastic foursome.

“Yep,” she replies. “I interview every single person myself.” When you reach Althea’s office, she goes through to the back room. Besides the everyday familiarity of the photocopier, you laugh now to hear the dials and switches on a washing machine. The door seals, the machine starts with a whirr, and Althea comes back out, having disposed of the bin bag as well. She’s carrying a cloth and drying her hands, and she places it over the back of her chair. “Shall we?”

Althea begins her tour by parading around the main open space first, pointing out various seats, condom dispensers, and posters. A few of the posters highlight new and interesting sexual positions that you may try, while others offer support and guidance on issues relating to sexual health and relationships. At the back in a discreet corner is a vending machine with bottles of water and energy bars. There is no coin slot or prices though, and you realise the refreshments are provided for free.

In another corner, there are several super king-sized beds with cosy blankets, cushions, and pillows. Most are taken up with couples, although there is a comfortable-looking thrupple by the back wall. There is a mounted TV at the foot of every bed and you realise people are wearing tiny ear pods.

“Netflix and chill,” Althea whispers, allowing you a wink. “But we all know what that means. Although quite often people prefer to snuggle for a bit and watch a movie. They feel safer here than at home, especially if they still live with their parents.” You nod, scanning the relaxed faces around you. Your eyes widen when you catch sight of one bed, the two women rolling around on it with heavy grunts. “Of course, you can get free porn too,” Althea says with a laugh. “That’s why there are headphones so it doesn’t put the other guests off.”

You smile, thinking how nice it would be to lay back with your arms around a significant other, cuddling under the heavy blankets and binge watching a few TV shows. You realise this building has a lot more to offer than meets the eye.

Althea shows you the secluded chambers next, pointing out each one as you pass. “The one you and Emilia were in was quite standard; bed, toys, lube, and such. This one is full of mirrors so you can watch yourself and each other. There’s a stripper pole in that one with a mini bar,” she points to the far end of the corridor, “and you can make home movies in this one.” The sign says AVAILABLE, but Althea knocks to check before opening the door. Switching the light on, you peer around at the enormous bed and lighting setup, the camcorder attached to a solid stand pointing directly at the centre of the bed. “The video live streams to that TV, but any footage is automatically deleted as soon as the door opens. If you’re preoccupied during filming, you can watch it after you’ve finished, but when the door unlocks, it’s gone.”

“That’s clever,” you say. One of your friends had a horrible experience with revenge porn and cyber bullying a couple of years ago and the prospect of any such vulnerable footage escaping into the wider world sends a shudder up your spine. You’re grateful again that your friend recommended this particular sex club, and the fact that they have taken this detail and level of care wasn’t something you were expecting.

The rest of the secluded chambers comprise a medical suite which Althea tells you is one of her favourites, a hardcore BDSM one with whips, floggers, and blindfolds, and the final one she leads you to appears almost empty except for one large apparatus in the corner. Your eyes widen when Althea switches the light on and motions you closer.

“What is it?” you ask in bewilderment. There are so many buttons and dials, you don’t know where to look. The seat is covered in sumptuous red leather, with footrests at either side, and there’s even a lube holder.

“It’s a state-of-the-art fucking machine,” Althea says proudly. “One of the most popular. Would you like to try it?”

“Yes,” you say, although your voice is quieter than you predicted. “Will you show me how it works?”

“Of course,” Althea purrs, turning around to display the OCCUPIED sign before closing the door. She dims the lights and walks towards the machine. “You might want to get naked,” she suggests with a giggle.

You waste no time removing your clothes. You’ve left your shyness behind, most likely smeared over Emilia’s cock. The reminder of her thick shaft filling you sends a flood of warmth through your core and you shiver in delight.

“First things first,” Althea says. “Which position would you like?”

“Hmm.” You stare at the machine and tilt your head. So far today, you’ve been on your back twice. “Perhaps on all fours?”

“Excellent choice.” Althea motions you towards the apparatus. “Rest your knees here.” You straddle the machine somewhat clumsily. “Move back a little,” she adds.

You gasp in shock when something bulbous nudges against your entrance. You look over your shoulder. You knew there was a dildo in the seat beneath you, but you hadn’t noticed the one hidden flush in the backrest. You exhale heavily, trying to steady your pulse. You shuffle your knees and Althea winks while pumping a handful of lube.

“May I?” she asks, her sultry voice dropping.

You swallow and nod, your mouth dry. You think of the vending machine with the cool refreshing water, but your thoughts are drawn back to the present when Althea carefully spreads the lube over your pussy. Your entrance aches a little from your earlier encounter with Emilia, but you’re already yearning to be filled anew, this time from behind. The lube is cool and soothing against your hot flesh, Althea’s fingers delicate as she parts your labia.

“Lovely,” she purrs, wiping her hands on a paper towel from a dispenser to her left. She drops it into the bin and points to the first button. “That’s the ON/OFF switch,” she says, clicking it at the same time. The dildo at your entrance hums with oscillations, but doesn’t move too much. “This one is the depth,” she continues. “Perhaps only a few inches to begin?”

You agree and Althea turns the dial to a comfortable ‘four’.

“More vibration?” she adds, and you nod again, watching her manipulate the dials. The tremors in the dildo speed up and a sweet moan escapes. You push yourself back, hungering to feel more of those delicious thrills. Althea stands by, observing you with a sparkle in her eye. Her gaze roams your nude body, settling on your breasts before she says, “Tempo?”

“Hmm?” You didn’t hear the question.

“Faster or harder?” she says, chuckling.

“Um, both. Slightly.”

She nods and nudges two of the dials. The dildo pounds faster, the lube ensuring no resistance, but your wetness is already blending with the viscous lubrication between your legs. Your heart is racing, kneeling here naked and ready, being attended by the owner of the sex club while you ride her fucking machine. You’ve never even been watched before, let alone tried out such a splendid toy, and your chest flushes pink, your throat constricting. Another wanton moan echoes around the room and you hear Althea sigh in approval.

“Your tits look amazing,” she says, kneeling beside the machine. She croons while she cups your breast, first one and then the other, enjoying the faint slap as they bounce on your chest. Her palms are smooth and warm.

You pant, watching Althea through heavily lidded eyes. She meets your gaze before slowly lowering her mouth to your chest, squeezing a handful of pliable flesh and aiming to put as much in her mouth as she can. Her lips are soft, the suction tender, and she holds your bouncing breast while she savours you.

You grit your teeth, the waves of pleasure growing inside you. Your heart is thudding now, heard only marginally above the purr of the machine. The dildo has settled into rhythm, but you don’t say anything when Althea blindly turns the dial again.

“Ahh!” you moan, the sudden pounding taking you by surprise. You push back against the thrusting cock, back and forward, eager for more. Althea releases your breast from her mouth and you drop to your forearms so the dildo penetrates you at a distinct angle.

“Oh my god,” you mumble, the desire of the new position sending a shudder up your spine. You’re exposed and presenting, your knees wide while you’re split open from behind, the glorious cock smooth.

“You didn’t highlight spanking as one of your hard limits,” Althea says slyly, her hot breath tickling your ear. “Can I spank you, toots?”

You can only nod, leaning your sweaty forward against the leather. Spanking is another one of those acts you’d love to try, but have been too shy to ask. It sounds peculiar to ask a partner to hit you during sex, but you know spanking is different. There’s an art to it, a special way to cup your hand so that while there is a brief, sharp pain, it’s not enough to pull you from the moment. You’ve heard that some people like to be spanked quite hard, and your mind drifts to the BDSM chamber next door.

“Fuck,” you choke when Althea’s hand swats your buttocks. It’s not hard and definitely not painful, but you weren’t expecting it so abruptly. The light tingling sensation is delightful, goosebumps rising where her palm connected.

The second swat against your other cheek is the same pressure, the mild sting and tingle warming your belly as much as your exposed flesh. Althea grins out of the corner of your eye as she caresses your arse, her eyes bright.

“Again, toots?”

“Yes, please.”

“Very well.” The third swat is more of a smack, the sound reverberating throughout the room. A guttural groan rumbles deep inside you, prolonged by the fourth, fifth, and sixth strikes.

On the seventh, your climax overwhelms you. You scream into the leather between your knees, propelling your hips backwards. Althea palms your arse cheeks and spreads them, opening you while the toy keeps the perfect, consistent rhythm.

After several moments, Althea whispers, “Enough?”

“Yes,” you croak, panting hard, the aftershocks of your climax causing your insides to tremble.

In a flash, she switches everything off and the dildo slows, the hum diminishing. Soon, there is silence except for your heavy breathing while you catch your breath.

“How’s your adventure going so far?” she asks, and you laugh while you dismount. Your knees buckle when you step away from the machine, but Althea swings an arm out to catch you. She holds you close for a few seconds, affectionately pressing her cheek against you. “You OK there?”

“Yes, thank you,” you reply breathlessly. You yawn and stretch.

“Tired?” Althea looks up with a wide smile. “There’s a hotel downstairs. When you get to reception, tell Riley I sent you.” She turns away and cleans down the apparatus, spraying over the entire machine, dials and all, before wiping everything with a fresh paper towel. Placing everything into the bin, she empties the bag once again and replaces it with a fresh one. She places a soft kiss on your cheek before you both leave.

“Sweet dreams, toots.”

The end. Time for a nap. Come back when you’re refreshed and more awake.

Published by tjdallas

Hi, I'm TJ, and I'm a Scottish sapphic erotica and romance author.

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