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A Shot of Absinthe

All of these sexy images are courtesy of the amazing @oddtits1 on Twitter. Head on over to their page to check out their other amazing NSFW artwork!

Harry and Emilia, naked on their backs, using a double ended dildo. Emilia is blindfolded.
Wrath’s Fantasy, by @oddtits1
Harry and her Identical performing a 69 position on the floor, wearing only sports bras. One is on her back and the other straddling her face.
The Identical and I, by @oddtits1
Harry is kneeling on the floor and performing cunnilingus on pregnant Georgia. Georgia’s tshirt is pushed above her breasts.
Gluttony’s Tiffin, by @oddtits1
Althea kneeling over the backrest of a chair while Emilia in a suit has sex with her from behind with a strap-on. There is a belt in Althea’s mouth.
A Gift from Wrath, by @oddtits1
Heavily pregnant Georgia sitting astride the fucking machine which has lots of buttons and a lube holder.
As Requested, by @oddtits1
Lara sitting in a chair while Harry performs a lap dance wearing the trousers of a firefighter.
Pride’s Lap Dance, by @oddtits1
Maddy blindfold on a bed, and Emilia performing cunnilingus between her spread thighs. Emilia is kneeling on the floor and masturbating with a dildo.
Re-Active Wrath, by @oddtits1
Georgia on her own, masturbating and squeezing her breast while watching porn.
Worth the Whisk, by @oddtits1
Zoe and Lara having sex. Lara is on her back and Zoe is astride her, and they are touching each other.
Exhilarating Piezoelectricity, by @oddtits1
Zoe in a doctors office, legs spread, with Althea between them dressed as a nurse, performing anal.
A Medical with Lust, by @oddtits1
Pregnant Harry and Althea lying in bed, having a kiss and cuddle.
In My Lover’s Arms, by @oddtits1
Two images, one from the view of a woman looking down at Harry performing cunnilingus, and the other from the point of view where we can see the back of Harry’s head and spread legs.
Imagine Me and You, by @oddtits1
Harry having sex with Ramsay with a strap-on, who is bent over the arm of a sofa.
A Soldier’s Greed, by @oddtits1
Two women (Althea and Bo) in a bathtub. Both are kneeling, and Althea is at the back with her arm around Bo.
Butterfly, by @oddtits1
Threesome between Emilia, Maddy, and Harry. Emilia is kneeling with a strap-on, Maddy on her back, and Harry on her back underneath Maddy.
Two for Envy, by @oddtits1

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Hi, I'm TJ, and I'm a Scottish sapphic erotica and romance author.

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