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Introducing Pestilence

Come and see,” cried one of the beasts in a stentorian tone to the vision-seeing poet … And the first horsewoman appeared on a white horse. In her hand, she carried a bow, and a crown was given unto her. She was Pestilence, according to some, the Plague according to others. She might be both things at the same time.

Zillah is a sweet femme, with brilliant white hair and pale blue eyes. She has albinism, which makes her susceptible to the sun. When in her role as the feared Pestilence, she wears a blindfold, however when chilling out at home, she prefers a pair of sparkly Ray-Bans. She’s a skilled marksman despite her condition, and she can bring down a deer from over eight hundred feet with her preferred longbow.

Zillah feels immense guilt for who she is—her horse, Reatus, is named after the Latin word for ‘guilt.’ To try and limit the damage that she can do, she’s a healer, self-taught in medicine, and is the one that all the Horsewomen and local villagers go to for first aid. She has tons of books, both old and dusty tomes, and newer books that she’s taken from the living realm. Caledonia is a more medieval world than the living realm, so often Zillah does the best she can using healing herbs, dwale (a ghastly concoction that works similar to an anesthetic,) and bone needles and thread. She’s a true medieval physician (only without the plague doctors mask!)

Her symbol is the asklepian, which is a single rod entwined by a serpent. It represents the deity, Asclepius, and is associated with healing and medicine. It’s on the front door of her clinic in Edwin’s Castle, and also in the illustration below. The rod only has a single snake, and is often confused with the twin-serpents of the caduceus, the symbol of Hermes.

She’s absolutely beautiful! Can you spot her symbol, the Rod of Asclepius? The stormy skies certainly make this image pop, and I love the dying and decaying thorns and bushes around her; Pestilence can be a real plague among humanity, so you can see why she isn’t a favourite, hence why she does her best to put things right. If you have a fever or break an ankle, head over to Zillah’s clinic and she’ll fix you right up.

And just for fun… The cutest little apocalyptic pony you’ll ever see!

Reatus in My Little Pony format by @Skittles8992 on Twitter!

Published by tjdallas

Hi, I'm TJ, and I'm a Scottish sapphic erotica and romance author.

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