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Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse

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Pestilence (Zillah)

Digital art of a slender albino woman wearing a long green gown and a fox fur cloak. She is holding a longbow and has a quiver of arrows at her waist. She is stroking a large white horse while standing in a field. The crops around her are withered and dying.
Pestilence (Zillah) and her horse, Reatus. Artwork by Charlie Utting.

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War (Astar)

Digital art of a butch ginger woman in leather battle gear, though showing her strong abs. She holds a longsword and is standing next to a large brown/red horse with a mane of fire. She stands in a battlefield before a castle.
War (Astar) and her horse, Chestnut. Artwork by Charlie Utting.

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Death (Persephone)

A woman in black with pale skin and long dark hair in a low ponytail down her back. She wears a leather tricorne hat with a single peacock feather. She holds a scythe and is standing before a pale green sickly looking horse with liver spots and a skeletal appearance. She stands at the shore of a river.
Death (Persephone) and her horse, Pax. Artwork by Charlie Utting.

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Famine (Sidero)

An androgynous woman in tattered clothes balances on a thin stone bannister. She has a short high ponytail with an undercut underneath. She is balancing a sword on the fingers of one hand and holds a blindfold in the other. She is in an empty village square, standing beside a black horse whose ribs are visible.
Famine (Sidero) and her horse, Aethon. Artwork by Charlie Utting.

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Hi, I'm TJ, and I'm a Scottish sapphic erotica and romance author.

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