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The Day of Wrath (#3 Wrath Trilogy)

The Day of Wrath, book 3 in the Wrath trilogy, is a lesbian erotica novel that follows on from Wrath, War, and the Woe Trumpets. The arrival of four fallen angels at Edwin’s Castle heralds the final stage of the prophesied biblical apocalypse. The devastation left behind by the Woe Trumpets is only the beginningContinue reading “The Day of Wrath (#3 Wrath Trilogy)”

Introducing Famine

“And when the third seal was broken, another of the winged animals bellowed like a thunder clap, “Come and see!” And John saw a black horse. She who mounted it held in her hand a scale in order to weigh the maintenance of mankind. She was Famine.” Sidero is an androgynous beauty, with dark hair,Continue reading “Introducing Famine”