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Introducing Famine

“And when the third seal was broken, another of the winged animals bellowed like a thunder clap, “Come and see!” And John saw a black horse. She who mounted it held in her hand a scale in order to weigh the maintenance of mankind. She was Famine.” Sidero is an androgynous beauty, with dark hair,Continue reading “Introducing Famine”

Introducing Pestilence

“Come and see,” cried one of the beasts in a stentorian tone to the vision-seeing poet … And the first horsewoman appeared on a white horse. In her hand, she carried a bow, and a crown was given unto her. She was Pestilence, according to some, the Plague according to others. She might be bothContinue reading “Introducing Pestilence”

Introducing Death

The fourth animal saluted the breaking of the fourth seal with a great roaring—”Come and see!” And there appeared a pale green coloured horse. His rider was called Death, and Hell followed her. Authority was given to her to kill with sword, and famine, and plague, and by wild beasts. Persephone is a soft butch,Continue reading “Introducing Death”

Seven Deadly Sins

Click on image for more info. Wrath (Emilia) Click on image for more info. Pride (Harry) Click on image for more info. Gluttony (Georgia) Click on image for more info. Lust (Althea) Click on image for more info. Greed (Bella) Click on image for more info. Envy (Madison) Click on image for more info. SlothContinue reading “Seven Deadly Sins”

Introducing War

“Come forth,” shouted the second animal, removing his thousand eyes. And from the broken seal leaped a flame-coloured steed. His rider brandished over her head an enormous sword. She was War. Peace fled from the world before her furious gallop; humanity was going to be exterminated. Astar is a red-headed butch war commander—naturally. All theContinue reading “Introducing War”

Introducing Sloth

Riley runs a hotel on the bottom floor of the Cardinal. It’s full of beds, what else would Sloth do? She’s shy, unassuming, and the sweetest among the Sins, but she’s also the bravest. She can enter somnium orbis terrarum—the dream world—in order to help people with night terrors and bad dreams. Naturally, there areContinue reading “Introducing Sloth”

Introducing Envy

Envy is a bit of an ice-queen; she mingles with the celebrities and those famous enough to warrant a spot on her guest list. She has a bit of a sharp sting (hence her symbol, the scorpion!) so you don’t want to get on the wrong side of her. Poor Lara accidentally ended up inContinue reading “Introducing Envy”

Introducing Pride

Harry (or Harriet when she’s in trouble) resides on the top floor of a building called the Cardinal and runs a popular LGBTQIA nightclub. She’s a soft butch, with different coloured eyes (one blue and one brown), long dark hair, and she looks utterly delicious in a shirt and tie. (She’s also telepathic and hasContinue reading “Introducing Pride”