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10. A Gift From Wrath (an Althea/Emilia bonus scene)

— NSFW (Not Safe For Work), 18+, mature content, sexually explicit — An expensive whisky, a leather belt, and a unforgiving butch. Intrigued? In chapter 33 of my debut lesfic erotic novel, The Bartender’s Pride, Madison invites Emilia as her plus-one to an exclusive Best Bar Manager award ceremony. At the resulting gathering in Harry’s nightclubContinue reading “10. A Gift From Wrath (an Althea/Emilia bonus scene)”

Introducing Lust

Althea (Lust) is our heart-stopping, femme-fatale bisexual beauty. Long blonde hair, luxuriant emerald green eyes, and a sultry gaze that would send the strongest of strong men (and women) to their knees. Althea runs a sex club on the sixth floor of the Cardinal; it’s not a brothel, and she’ll get ever so annoyed withContinue reading “Introducing Lust”