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The Wrath Trilogy

This trilogy follows on from the events of the Pride trilogy.

Four years ago, Harry’s first act of Humility sent her hurtling to the deepest recesses of the dream world. When Death gives her the chance to save her family, her second act will prove infinitely worse.

When Persephone arrives at the Cardinal, it’s time for Harry to keep her end of the deal. But it isn’t Pride, or even Humility, that Persephone wants; it’s Wrath.

Emilia must join ranks with four forces of evil that long predate the Seven Deadly Sins; Death, Pestilence, War, and Famine. Emilia’s ruthless volcano has lain dormant for centuries, but a hidden agenda and a betrayal could tip her over the edge, causing an eruption felt throughout the very fabric of time and space.

*Content warning; 18+, sexually explicit lesbian erotica, mature audiences only. One scene features consensual role-play between two women using Daddy/Baby Girl names, and one scene involves consensual and safe erotic asphyxiation.

A lesbian *erotic novel featuring the Seven Deadly Sins. This sequel follows on from Prewrath and Rapture.

The fate of Caledonia hangs by a thread.

When a chance encounter reveals that the archangels are close to finding the key Persephone stole from them, Astar must convince Emilia to return to Caledonia. If Michael gets hold of the key and manages to break the final seal, he would command the sounding of seven trumpets, instigating the next stage of the apocalypse. With the help of Pride and Envy, three Deadly Sins now join the four Horsewomen in the second battle between good and evil.

Come and see.

*Content Warning; 18+, mature content, sexually explicit wlw sex. One scene involves breast milk.

A lesbian *erotic novel featuring the Seven Deadly Sins. This sequel follows on from Wrath, War, and the Woe Trumpets.

The arrival of four fallen angels at Edwin’s Castle heralds the final stage of the prophesied biblical apocalypse. The devastation left behind by the Woe Trumpets is only the beginning of the trials and tribulations to be faced by the Horsewomen in this explosive finale. Whilst War steps up to prepare for the biggest battle of her life, Death has her own demons to contend with, and there is far more to Famine than meets the eye.

Bonds deepen as old and new relationships are forged and tested, and previously unknown powers are unleashed when it truly matters the most. Can the evil of the world prevail against God’s trusted archangels … for the greater good?

*Content Warning; 18+, sexually explicit content, some BDSM, storyline contains violence.

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