Hi, I’m TJ. I’m a Scottish author, and I released my debut lesbian erotica novel, The Bartender’s Pride, in October 2019. It’s the first book in a sexy series featuring the Seven Deadly Sins. Since then, I’ve released seven more books, and I’m currently working on my ninth, which is my first romance novella!

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I asked on social media what people would want to know about me and below are the results. I’m not sure I’m a very interesting person, but you never know. Perhaps the strange things I do are normal to me.

I do write under a pen name (and to be honest, TJ can stand for anything you like) but my real name is longer and doesn’t quite roll off the tongue as well. All puns intended! As I write lesbian erotica, I’d rather my professional life and personal life were kept completely separate, but rest assured, I’m exactly the same person. This anonymity is why there aren’t any selfies of me anywhere, but maybe one day I can earn enough to write full-time and I can throw up an epic selfie, lol.

So, the basics. I’m a white cis woman and I identify as a lesbian. Pronouns are she/her. I am married to my wife, Dani (you may have seen her name in the dedications of the books). I’m almost 34 years old, have been with Dani for twelve years and married for five. We live in Scotland with our springer spaniel called Toby. I started writing my debut novel in February 2019, and I can’t believe it’s two years later and I’m already working on my seventh!

Psst; Here’s a picture of Toby; he’s a rescue and he’s seven years old!

Question: Hobbies and jobs, weird hobbies, inspirations, eccentric qualities.

Answer: I have quite a boring full-time day job in finance, lol. My hobbies include reading and writing, computer games, mainly PC like Dungeon Keeper, Zoo Tycoon, Sims (below is Emilia, one of the Seven Deadly SIMS. Thank you, I was quite proud of that one), geocaching (outdoor treasure hunting) and scrapbooking. I’m not a huge TV or film buff except for a few notable series, e.g. huge Game of Thrones fan! I’m not sure if any of those would be classed as weird or eccentric though, lol.

Question: Favourite drink.

Answer: My favourite non-alcoholic drinks are White Monster and Diet Coke. Alcoholic drink is mostly beer (Budweiser, Steamwhistle, or Keo) and Smirnoff Ice. Stronger spirits wise, either Archers Peach Schnapps or Kola Kube Stivvies (lol!)

Question: How I met my wife.

Answer: I was working in a restaurant and she was accompanying her best friend who was booking a table. Very cliché, but I caught her eye and had butterflies in my stomach. She was quite shy, having had a bit of a swollen cheek at the time because she’d just had her wisdom tooth taken out, but seems I didn’t notice that at all, lol. After they’d left, her friend came back in to ask for my number for her, I text her two minutes later, and the rest is history.

Question: Child upbringing.

Answer: Wonderful. I’m the oldest of three, and I remember the time before computers and mobile phones and the internet. We lived in Saudi Arabia for a while when I was really young because my Dad was in the Navy, so that was an experience. My little sister is gay too, and our entire family is very supportive and loving.

Question: Quirky things.

Answer: I’m not sure I have any that would be classed as quirky. Um … I’ve only ever broken one bone in my life and that was my pinkie toe. I used to be a skateboarder, and I competed in swimming competitions when I was younger. I’ve mostly worked in hospitality as a manager of a nightclub and a pub. I have four tattoos, used to have a lot of piercings (scaffolding bar, belly button, lip, tongue, etc) but not any more. My favourite colour is grey. I did used to be a goth in high school, so there’s that. I had the long leather coat and everything, haha!

Question: Movies you love or that inspire you. Same with authors or television shows?

Answer: I love Disney movies and a few notable blockbusters, like Lord of the Rings, The Imitation Game, Interstellar etc. I’m a wimp so horror movies are a complete no-no (although I have a soft spot for the creepy type of paranormal, as long as there’s no jump scares). I’m not a fan of comedy, but I do like the interesting and fascinating ones (like bank heists), and especially ones that hit you in the feels (like The Green Mile). For TV shows, my favourites would be Game of Thrones and Rick and Morty, but for background noise, I like things like Friends, Brooklyn 99, The Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, and Modern Family. I’m also partial to a little Countdown, lol. For books, I’m inspired by every single author I’ve ever read in one way or another, but the lesfic community is truly spectacular. My favourite author at the moment (if I HAD to pick!) is Lexa Luthor and her Alpha God series. My favourite type of books in general are erotica, erotic romance, and paranormal/urban fantasy.

Question: Your worst fear and favourite curse word.

Answer: I’m pretty terrified of spiders. Not a fan of heights (or more accurately, I’m scared of falling), I hate jump scares (even joke ones. I’m skittish like a horse) and don’t come near me in a clown costume, lol. My favourite curse word has got to be ‘fuck.’ It’s so versatile and it can be used for everything. But for some weird and unknown reason, if I get a fright, my go-to swear is “cunting bawbag” which comes out of my mouth before I can stop it. It’s very Scottish!

Question: Tell us if you share any characteristics with the sins you write about – like do you flick a lighter like Harry, are you a klepto like Bella, do you love to work out like Emilia – OR maybe list each sin and say I’m like Harry in this way, etc.

Answer: This is a great one! OK, so I’ve already mentioned I associate mostly with Riley; little lazy, love to sleep, hate exercise, haha. Harry is my favourite and I’d love to have Harry’s confidence, but with my anxiety, I don’t quite have her level of bravery. Or her abs. She does have my wicked sense of humour though! And I also used to be a smoker, so yeah, Harry’s love of smoking was mostly my doing. I use an e-vape now (I’m one of THOSE people) but I plan on quitting soon. I’m not a huge fan of food (sorry Georgia), but I do love curves! I can live on toast and crisps (and my wife sort of hates me because I never put any weight on) but give me a plus-sized women over a stick-thin model any day. I don’t think I’m like Maddy much; I’m not jealous, nor do I paint my nails or wear dresses (like Lara, it has to be a very special occasion like my wedding). I have been known to say “doll” on occasion I suppose, when greeting people. (“S’appnin’ doll? Ya’ alright?”) Similarities with Emilia? Um, I used to do kick-boxing but that’s probably the closest I’d get, lol. I’m not a gym-bunny and not as butch, but I do wish I had her biceps! I’m fairly happy-go-lucky too, and don’t have much of an issue with being cranky or angry, unless someone really annoys me. I am quite impatient though, so there’s that. I’m also not too much of a gambler or thankfully, a pickpocket, so not too many similarities to Bella. Although her grey dress with the pockets was based on one of the very few that I own! And last but not least, Althea; apart from the high sex drive, she’s definitely more femme than I am, lol.

If there’s anything else you want to know, get in contact! Links to all my social media below, but I’m most often on Twitter. Thanks!

TJ x

Feel free to follow me on Twitter, head on over to my Facebook page, or join me on InstagramPinterest, Booksprout, Goodreads, Amazon, or Reedsy Discovery.

What People Say…

Fabulous character development, amazing plot and world-building, and well-written sex. Does anyone but me see how rare this is!? Dallas, please write more! You are one of a kind in your genre – 5*

Amazon.com Review

I have read this book three times now and each time, I am not disappointed. Such a brilliant plot with the most delicious scenes, you will not regret picking this book up – 5*

Lulu Press Review

The Seven Deadly Sins have always been our deepest temptations, and this book only makes it worse. These women make you want to sin, and then they make you want to do it again – 5*

Goodreads Review

Wow! What an epic story. Listen, if you guys are looking for a new spin on lesbian erotica this book is for you. TJ Dallas will blow your mind! – 5*

Amazon.com Review

This book had me in a trance the whole way through, and I couldn’t put it down! If you want a book to be addicted to, then I suggest you give this a try – 5*

Amazon.co.uk Review

This book literally knocked my socks off! This is an erotic tale that will take you to the edge, time after time. There is a clever theme underlying this story; I highly recommend it – 5*

Goodreads Review

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