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Introducing War

“Come forth,” shouted the second animal, removing his thousand eyes. And from the broken seal leaped a flame-coloured steed. His rider brandished over her head an enormous sword. She was War. Peace fled from the world before her furious gallop; humanity was going to be exterminated.

Astar is a red-headed butch war commander—naturally. All the Horsewomen are seven-feet-tall, but Astar certainly looks more imposing when she wears her Spartan battle helmet with the red horsehair crest. (Can you spot her symbol in the illustration?) She favours swords, but is skilled with a variety of weapons, including spears and axes. Her horse is a fiery stallion (literally, as you can see,) called Chestnut (horse chestnuts are called conkers—conquers, geddit?—don’t mock Astar for it though, or she’ll take your head off).

Astar loves fighting and victory, but she knows when to avoid a losing battle. Her skin is garnished with scars that she’s received in various fights throughout the centuries, her right shoulder visibly more unprotected than the left, but she’s a confident, courageous, and formidable foe; you wouldn’t want to be opposite her on the battlefield. When in battle, she wears black war paint; anyone wearing black war paint is deemed to be the property of Astar, and heaven forbid, anyone try to take what’s hers.

Isn’t she … wow!! Chestnut’s mane of fire is explosive, the battlefield setting, the muscular thighs and biceps and muscular thighs and biceps and muscular thighs and biceps … wait, where was I?

I’ve also got this awesome sketch page of Astar and one of her lovers, Emilia, by the amazing Harriet Moulton, and some very sweet artwork of Astar, Emilia, and their other lover, Madison, on their wedding day, by the incredible @sheskinart!

And just for fun… The cutest little apocalyptic pony you’ll ever see!

Chestnut in My Little Pony format by @Skittles8992 on Twitter!

Published by tjdallas

Hi, I'm TJ, and I'm a Scottish sapphic erotica and romance author.

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