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Introducing Pride

Harry (or Harriet when she’s in trouble) resides on the top floor of a building called the Cardinal and runs a popular LGBTQIA nightclub. She’s a soft butch, with different coloured eyes (one blue and one brown), long dark hair, and she looks utterly delicious in a shirt and tie. (She’s also telepathic and has various other powers, but I’m not giving away too many spoilers.) She’s “seductively wicked, endearingly arrogant, and deliciously charming.” Also, abs to die for!

Did you notice the tiny rainbow in the cocktail glass, to match the front cover of the book, The Bartender’s Pride? Or the tiny lion’s head symbol on her belt, which is the same lion’s head symbol she has on the front door of her nightclub? You might also have noticed that the avatar on all of my social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.,) has the same lion’s head… What other symbol would Pride have, right?

I was lucky enough to win some line art via a Twitter giveaway. The resulting illustration of Harry by Onyrica is stunning! Check out more of the artist’s work on Instagram and Twitter!

Line art bust of a woman with shoulder length brown hair with braids above one ear, wearing a loose white shirt with her cleavage showing. Artwork by onyrica.
Pride (Harry) by Onyrica.

Published by tjdallas

Hi, I'm TJ, and I'm a Scottish sapphic erotica and romance author.

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    1. There aren’t any other comments yet but for some reason, if I put a link to one page on another page (e.g. the link to ‘bonus scenes’ on the ‘Harry’ page), it adds a “thought” and I don’t know why, lol! Sorry for the confusion! 🙂


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