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6. (And D is for) Dirrrty (a Riley/Kit bonus scene)

— NSFW (Not Safe For Work), 18+, mature content, sexually explicit — Dusting, dishes, and domestic detoxification. Intrigued? After the educational session that Sloth enjoyed with Pride in the previous story,C is for Confidence, Riley has been hard at work organising the perfect role-play for her girlfriend, Kit. When a rather clumsy maid turns up, will sheContinue reading “6. (And D is for) Dirrrty (a Riley/Kit bonus scene)”

4. Welcome to Burlesque (a Harry/Georgia bonus scene)

— NSFW (Not Safe For Work), 18+, mature content, sexually explicit — “Are you ready for your event tonight, Harry?” Georgia asked, wiping her hands on a cloth over her shoulder. I grinned and placed my knife and fork down on my empty plate. “Of course.” I’d been looking forward to the burlesque-themed night for weeks, aptlyContinue reading “4. Welcome to Burlesque (a Harry/Georgia bonus scene)”

2. Title of Your Sex Tape (a Maddy/Emilia/Astar bonus scene)

— NSFW (Not Safe For Work), 18+, mature content, sexually explicit — Lights, camera, action! Intrigued? Madison reveals she wants to make a home movie with her two lovers. Astar is initially sceptical, so it’s up to Emilia and Maddy to show her just how amazing it can be. “You wish to do what now?” Astar lookedContinue reading “2. Title of Your Sex Tape (a Maddy/Emilia/Astar bonus scene)”

1. Doggy Style (a Seph/Madison bonus scene)

— NSFW (Not Safe For Work), 18+, mature content, sexually explicit — Please be aware of the following content notes; this story features a pet play kink. The submissives are dressed as pups (collars and leashes, fluffy ears and tails etc.) and they display canine behaviour (drinking Champagne from a dog bowl, walking on all fours,Continue reading “1. Doggy Style (a Seph/Madison bonus scene)”

Taryn J Dallas

The Planck Paradox (Sapphic Romance Novella), by Taryn J Dallas Cole Maclean is a philosophy teacher who also fosters service dogs through puppyhood. While she trains cute little Paradox to help a paraplegic friend, she can’t help but notice the pretty new professor with whom she finds herself sharing a supply closet. Kenzie Philips teachesContinue reading “Taryn J Dallas”

The Day of Wrath (#3 Wrath Trilogy)

The Day of Wrath, book 3 in the Wrath trilogy, is a lesbian erotica novel that follows on from Wrath, War, and the Woe Trumpets. The arrival of four fallen angels at Edwin’s Castle heralds the final stage of the prophesied biblical apocalypse. The devastation left behind by the Woe Trumpets is only the beginningContinue reading “The Day of Wrath (#3 Wrath Trilogy)”

Welcome to the Cardinal (standalone)

Welcome to the Cardinal is a create-your-own lesfic erotic adventure book. It is 52k words, and set in the location of my debut Pride trilogy (the Cardinal) however no previous knowledge of the series or setting is required. When your friend recommends a renowned sex club, the location you find yourself at is not whatContinue reading “Welcome to the Cardinal (standalone)”

My Kind of Present

A short Christmas-themed bonus scene told from Althea’s POV.Note: There may be spoilers if you haven’t read the full Pride trilogy, plus book 1 in the Wrath trilogy.(Est. reading time: 20m) Harry grinned as she unwrapped a pair of cosy socks in red and gold paper. Reggie glanced at them with disinterest before zoning backContinue reading “My Kind of Present”

Introducing Famine

“And when the third seal was broken, another of the winged animals bellowed like a thunder clap, “Come and see!” And John saw a black horse. She who mounted it held in her hand a scale in order to weigh the maintenance of mankind. She was Famine.” Sidero is an androgynous beauty, with dark hair,Continue reading “Introducing Famine”