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Prewrath and Rapture (#1 Wrath Trilogy)

Prewrath and Rapture, book 1 in the Wrath trilogy, is a lesbian erotica novel that follows on from the events of the Pride Trilogy. You’ve met the Seven Deadly Sins; now say hello to the Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse. Four years ago, Harry’s first act of Humility sent her hurtling to the deepest recessesContinue reading “Prewrath and Rapture (#1 Wrath Trilogy)”

10. A Gift From Wrath (an Althea/Emilia bonus scene)

— NSFW (Not Safe For Work), 18+, mature content, sexually explicit — An expensive whisky, a leather belt, and a unforgiving butch. Intrigued? In chapter 33 of my debut lesfic erotic novel, The Bartender’s Pride, Madison invites Emilia as her plus-one to an exclusive Best Bar Manager award ceremony. At the resulting gathering in Harry’s nightclubContinue reading “10. A Gift From Wrath (an Althea/Emilia bonus scene)”

Introducing Wrath

Emilia runs a gym on the third floor of the Cardinal. She’s the best personal trainer on this side of the Atlantic and her abs and killer biceps are testimony to her workouts. She’s a sexy butch, with a black Mohawk and pure black eyes. This unnerves a few people but she’s lovely, I assureContinue reading “Introducing Wrath”