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Sneak Preview

As you are a beloved newsletter subscriber, or a follower of my website, you have an exclusive sneak peek at my upcoming romance novella, The Trick to Finding Love. Read on for chapter one… BLURB After she discovers that her wife has been cheating, Skye throws herself into her work to forget the break-up of her marriage,Continue reading “Sneak Preview”

Introducing War

“Come forth,” shouted the second animal, removing his thousand eyes. And from the broken seal leaped a flame-coloured steed. His rider brandished over her head an enormous sword. She was War. Peace fled from the world before her furious gallop; humanity was going to be exterminated. Astar is a red-headed butch war commander—naturally. All theContinue reading “Introducing War”

Welcome to the Cardinal, Ch. 6

“Still here, toots?” Althea beams. “And you’ve met Emilia, lovely.” She walks past and into the chamber, picking up the laundry basket. “Fancy hanging around longer and I can show you around properly? “Sure, I’d love to see more of the club,” you say. “This is why I’m here, after all. I have no doubtsContinue reading “Welcome to the Cardinal, Ch. 6”

Welcome to the Cardinal, Ch. 4

When you return to the main open space of the sex club, you’re less apprehensive than you were before. You wander, coolly eyeing up all the activities taking place around you. There is a low hum of music that enthrals you, a heavy base thumping through your feet. It’s apparent, but not overly loud thatContinue reading “Welcome to the Cardinal, Ch. 4”