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Story 2: An Army for Death, by Ban

A fanfic story by Ban(Told from Seph’s POV) “Fuck!”   The grunt coming from me is undoubtedly music to her ears. Astar thrives on it, and we both know it. It’s how she likes it. She wants me to surrender to her, to give in, to have me at her mercy. Sometimes I can give her that,Continue reading “Story 2: An Army for Death, by Ban”

Story 1: Kiss the Girl, by Ban 

A fanfic story (and illustration) by Ban(Told from Seph’s POV) Yes, you want her  Look at her, you know you do  It’s possible she wants you, too  There is one way to ask her  “Percussion. Styx!” I slur.  “Hm?”  “Want to see my angler fish collection and meet Winfred, Harriet?” The question bursts out before IContinue reading “Story 1: Kiss the Girl, by Ban “

Introducing Death

The fourth animal saluted the breaking of the fourth seal with a great roaring—”Come and see!” And there appeared a pale green coloured horse. His rider was called Death, and Hell followed her. Authority was given to her to kill with sword, and famine, and plague, and by wild beasts. Persephone is a soft butch,Continue reading “Introducing Death”